Teenage Engineering OP1 Synthesizer / Rev2 / NEW


2019/2020 Rev2 Teenage Engineering OP1 Synthesizer in New, Open-Box Condition. Opened in order to be fully charged & fully tested prior to shipment.

This OP1 Passes all function tests, has been factory reset and Includes Original USB Cable, Strofoam Box(with outer carton), Rubber Bands & Plastic overlay with current firmware 243 installed.

Serial #: T9BOKGH1

Functionality Guaranteed!


-This OP1 is 100% fully functional and is guaranteed against DOA(dead on arrival) or arriving different than its description. This item may need to be charged prior to use.

-Returned items must be in identical condition as when received by buyer. The results of any firmware updates by the buyer are the responsibility of the buyer.

-All pictures are of actual item being purchased.

-Order with confidence as I specialize in OP1 Sales, Service & Repair and am able to deal with any issues or future OP1 needs that you may have.

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Mini Synthesizer System at a Glance:

Compact synthesizer, sampler, and controller in one
Record like a pro with the built-in 4-track virtual tape deck
Drag-and-drop interface with any Mac or Windows PC
Striking user interface with color-coded convenience
Make music anywhere with 16 hours of battery power

Compact synthesizer, sampler, and controller in one

From the classic 8-bit Dr Wave sound engine to the String physical modeling engine, the Teenage Engineering OP-1 gives you ten great ways to make cool and creative sounds. You also get two different styles of onboard samplers, including a synth sampler and a drum sampler for adding realistic instrument sounds to the mix. And when you hook the OP-1 up to your computer, you can instantly take control of your favorite virtual instruments, right from its extremely streamlined user interface.

Record like a pro with the built-in 4-track virtual tape deck

When you’re ready to record, you’ll find the Teenage Engineering OP-1’s built-in 4-track “tape deck” to be more than inspiring. Combined with the onboard sequencer, you can create truly funky effects by varying the tape speed (or even reversing it) it real time. And when you add in the OP-1’s 4-channel mixer with EQ and Drive controls, you’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish.

Drag-and-drop interface with any Mac or Windows PC

Connect your Teenage Engineering OP-1 mini synthesizer workstation to your computer and it instantly shows up as a mass storage device. This lets you drag and drop audio files between your Mac or Windows PC, allowing you to retrieve recordings from your OP-1, and load new clips up to 12 seconds long into its samplers.

Striking user interface with color-coded convenience

You never have to wonder what you’re reaching for, when you grab one of your Teenage Engineering OP-1’s color-coded encoders. That’s because each color corresponds with the color represented by the graphics displayed on the OP-1’s vividly colored OLED display. If you’re more creative than technical, you’ll find it super easy to tweak settings and shape sounds on this compact keyboard.

Make music anywhere with 16 hours of battery power

Even with the volume cranked as high as it can go, the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth can go up to 16 hours on a single charge. That’s a ton of time you don’t have to stay tied down to an outlet. At the same time, the OP-1 can go idle for up to 2 years before running out of battery power, so you don’t have to keep your OP-1 locked in charging mode when not in use.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Mini Synthesizer System Features:

A compact 24-button (not velocity sensitive) synth you can use to make music anywhere, even where there’s no AC power
10 x synthesizer engines with exchangable architecture let you create tons of unique sounds
Synthesizer engines include: Dr Wave raw 8-bit sound engine, FM synthesis engine, Pulse square wave engine, String physical modeling, Digital raw engine, Phase distortion engine, Cluster multiple wave engine, D-box drum synth, D-synth multi-envelope dual-osc engine, and the ability to expand with future synth engines
Built-in 24 Voice Instant Live Sampler lets you sample from the onboard mic, FM radio (optional antenna required), or line-level source
4 track Tape Recorder with Variable Tape Speed lets you record in a wide range of playback speeds, including reverse
Included storage provides 6 x minutes recording time (expandable up to 24)
4-track mixer with EQ, Effect, Drive and Master Out controls
Multiple exchangable effects include: classic delay, hacked phone, punch, grid based echo, spring reverb, and the ability to add future effects with software upgrades
Multiple exchangeable sequencers includes pattern (grid) sequencer, endless sequencer, and Tombola random sequence generator
Battery powered (non-removable lithium-ion cell) for up to 16 hours use on one charge
USB for MIDI Controller and file interchange functionality
3-axis (G-Force) motion sensor assignable to any synth, envelope, effect parameter or to pitch
Color-coded vector based user interface
Instant reverse and variable “tape speed” recording with full classic tape editing capabilities
Master tempo with Beat Matching to Tape Feature
Built in speaker for headphone-free monitoring
Compatible with a wide selection of simple and effective add-on accessories
Machined aluminum housing